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 Gansu Agricultural University is an integrated University of its kind with a history of 52 years, whose ancestor is State Veterinary College founded in 1946. The campus of the university covering 47 hectares of land is located along the bank of Yellow River, which gives a beautiful face to the University, in Lanzhou, capital city of Gansu Province. The total construction area of buildings is 120,000 square meters, of which teaching, research and administration quarters and living quarter are two main parts of the university.
 With 52-year development, the scale and the quality of the university in terms of its agricultural education are constantly extended and improved. In addition many of scientific achievements have been obtained, among which 300 research projects got awards from various government units as their significance in agricultural production and 103 of those got awards from provincial government and state departments. Over 52 years 20,100 students have graduated from the university and have played significant roles in the province's agricultural development.
 There are 5 colleges and 16 departments and 24 specialties with bachelor degree and 32 specialties with diploma included in the university. Four specialties have the right to offer the doctor degree and 18 specialties offer MS degree. Grassland science has been selected as a state-key specialty and 6 others have been pointed as the provincial-key specialties, In addition 9 research institutes and 40 well-equipped laboratories are the main research bodies of the university. The other accessory facilities like central station of research, Audio-Visual Education Center and Computer Center supply the convenient means both for researches and education.
 There are 1,300 faculty and staff in the university, including 54 professors, 213 are associate professors and 180 lecturers and the rest of them are supply-technicians. Some of the professors have enjoyed high reputation both at home and abroad for their achievements in research and education. An academician of Chinese Academy of Science and thirteen supervisors are the professors in charge of Ph.D. programs and over eighty professors in charge of MS programs are the main leading team of the university both for research and advanced training. 9 of them were selected as the outstanding experts of province for their contributions to the agriculture development. Now a total 5,100 students is studying on the campus.
 Recently, high education reformation and integrating high education and research with production practice are the main measures to meet the needs of socialism market economy. In order to achieve this objective, constructing leading departments and specialties with its own characteristics becomes a priority of the university. It will assure the students graduated from the university to meet the demands of the modern agriculture and the challenge of new century. The realization of this objective will strengthen the role of the university in the development and modernization of agriculture in Gansu province.

Colleges and Departments



Specialties Offering BS Degree

Specialties Offering Diplomas

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 Grassland Science was selected as the state-key specialty which is only one of the four key specialties of animal husbandry in China. Two institutes of Grassland Science Department of GAU and Gansu Grassland Ecological Research Institute involve in this specialty. There are 4 teaching and research sections, 8 laboratories, 6 field experimental stations and 1 seed-testing center designated by agricultural ministry belongs to this specialty. In addition, 3 periodic journals are compiled. There are 75 senior experts including 12 professors in the department led by professor Ren Jizhou, an academician of Chinese Academy of Science, and Professor Hu Zizhi, both are well-known experts of the grassland science. In the course of 40 years, the department has developed into a main research body in Grassland Ecology accompanied by other related fields such as Resource of Grassland and Ecology, Ecological Chemistry of Grassland, Agronomy of Grassland and Grassland protection. Achievements in these fields are thought of as the leading works in the country, and some of the achievements from grassland ecology and turf science are holding a leading position in the world.

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Animal Obstetrics

 This specialty has developed over 10 years, now the students are studying for BS, MS and Ph.D. degrees. Three professors led by professor Chen Beihen, a well known professor in animal obstetrics, are the main team of the specialty. Since 1987 the specialty has taken 15 research projects appointed by various International Foundation for Science and State Foundation for Natural Science, 9 of which were awarded or evaluated. The reproduction physiology for camel and yak is the main research field of the specialty from which some of the achievements are internationally recognized.

Animal Anatomy and Embryology

 This specialty is one of two specialties of its kind in China which has the right to offer Ph.D. degree. Two professors and three associate professors led by a well known professor Xie Zhengming are the main research team of this specialty. Now totally 23 graduates have been trained, among whom 6 are with Ph.D. degree. 9 research projects about camel and poultry nerves system have been completed and five projects were awarded by the government units. 13 scientific books and over 100 papers have been published.

Cultivation and Farming System

 There are three professors and seven associate professors led by a well-known professor Hu Henjue, an expert in arid land farming system. Now 23 MS and 7 Ph.D. students have been trained and 24 research projects on the subject have been undertaken by this research team, among which 18 projects were awarded by various government units. 4 of these were awarded at provincial level and 12 projects at local government lever. These achievements have promoted the agricultural development in arid regions. The main study direction of this research team focuses on the Arid Farming System and Oasis High Efficiency Agriculture. At the same time the team also studies on the theories of development of integrated agriculture technologies with high techniques in the agriculture regions, in addition to High Efficiency Agricultural Production System, Crop Breeding and Cultivation as well as SPAC System.

Animal Production

 The specialty of animal production has been initiated offering high degree of MS since 1960s. At the moment it also offers the high degree to the part-time students working in academic units. 47 students with MS degree have been trained. The team of this specialty led by a well known professor Zhao Youzhang, an expert of sheep and goat production and animal and poultry ecology, consists of 6 professors and 10 associate professors with strong research abilities, especially in Cashmere Goat Production, Breeding, and Poultry Production and Yak Improvement. Since 1978 there have been over 40 research projects pointed by various government units and 30 of these have obtained awards from provincial government and relevant units. Over 20 text books for university students and other types of scientific books have been published. The main research area of this specialty is Sheep Product Cashmere Goat Breeding, Animal and Poultry Production System and Ecology, Yak Selection and Improvement of Beef Production and Poultry Production.

Crop Genetics and Breeding

 The specialty includes three research institutes, i. e. Bio-technique of Agriculture, Crops Genetic and Breeding and Crop Physiology. High quality of research and teaching team of the specialty led by a well-known professor Dai Chaoxi, an expert of crop genetics and breeding, ensures the high quality of research and training. Now 26 of the MS have been trained and over 100 scientific papers have been published in various international and local scientific journals. The main research areas of this specialty are application of Bio-Technology in Agriculture, Crop Breeding and monoploid Breeding.

Crop Pathology

 One professor and 2 associate professors form the main team for this specialty. Since 1990, 15 research projects pointed by various government units have been completed and 12 of there projects obtained praises from government units and 2 projects have been given the praise of Progress of Scientific and Technology as their significance in agriculture. Now the team of the specialty undertakes 8 research projects and the area of research focuses on the study of the Diseases of Chinese medicine herb, diseases on sweet and water melons, virus toxin application and Bio-techniques and selection of disease-resistance breeds of crops. The objective of this specialty is to develop sustainable agriculture in Gansu province through its efforts in training and research.

Specialties and Subjects Offering High Degress

Ph.D. Degrees

MS Degrees

BS Degrees

 All the specialties and subjects

Research Institutes

Adult Education

 Adult education is one of the subjects in the university which concludes different levels of training program like distance teaching, short term training for applied technologies, Radio and TV university, night courses, adult education with diploma and certificates, short term training course and normal education before university. At the moment there are 6 specialties of Self-educated with guidance in the university which are Computer and Advanced management, Agro-business, Food Science, Food Hygiene and Inspection, Horticulture and High Efficiency of Agriculture and Management. The TV university is another type of training program for adult education, now there are 6 specialties of this kind in the university i.e. High Efficiency of Agriculture and Management, Advanced Marketing Strategy and Counting, Advanced Management and Public Relations, Agronomy, Food Science, Mechanic and Engineering. Distance-learning is thought of as the efficient way in training of the adults with high technologies. There are 6 specialties available for this kind of training which are Horticulture, Agronomy, Water Conservation, Plant Protection, Food Hygiene and Inspection, Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine. The university also offers night courses in three subjects namely Irrigation and Water Conservation, Plant Protection and Inspection, Food Hygiene and Inspection. Adult education is characterized by its flexibility in arrangement of the specialties, therefore it can be adjusted to meet demands of Talent market.


 The library covers a total area of 6,923 square meters with a collection of 500,000 books in addition to 800 videos and 300 volumes of ancient books about agriculture development in China, among which the books in Chinese are 419,487 and the foreign language books are 80,000. It is situated in the university which is easily accessible to students, faculty and staff. In addition, the physique facilities of 6 reading rooms for news-papers, periodic magazines, and staff are well equipped. The well organized administrative structures ensure good service to the students and staff. Now there are 6 offices in charge of compiling, conserving, periodic magazine, information and news, publicity and instruction and information resource studying. Now the library not only plays the role of information center for the university but also acts as the public service unit of agricultural information center for Gansu province. A Yak Information Center was established in the library with the approval of FAO immediately after the International Yak conference which was held on the campus of Gansu Agricultural University in 1994.

Computer and Audio-Visual Education Center

 There are the Computer Center and Audio-Visual Education Center in the university. The computer center is equipped with advanced facilities both in hard and soft wares. All the students of the university can learn the computer according to their majors and levels. The objectives of this center are to develop it into an open education center of its kind to the society and develop soft-wares for agricultural services.

 Audio-visual Education Center is well equipped for the students. It has always paid attention to its development both in infrastructures and education materials. Demonstration controlling, broadcasting rooms are the main functioning parts of the center for producing materials for high education.

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